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 Here is the place to fill in your application!

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PostSubject: Here is the place to fill in your application!   Wed May 21, 2008 5:27 pm

Here is the place to fill in your application! (Only for people that not already are in the guild!)
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PostSubject: Application   Mon Jun 30, 2008 5:43 am


I was impressed with your website, and the size and makeup of your Guild. I have played a lot of WoW over the past 3 years . . . in fact played so much WoW I even dream of WoW. AoC finally reached the United Arab Emirates this past week. I installed the game on 2 PCs for my wife and I. We have a total of 50 WoW Characters that we play all the time . . . we play on 2 PvE servers and 1 PvP server. Love the PvE end-game raids a lot.

So, we are giving this new game a go. I have enjoyed the past two evenings of playing AoC . . . there is so much to learn about this new game. Anyway, we are a mature couple with no kids at home . . . Smile

Dragonspawn is a level 12 Ranger moving forward solo at the moment. Hope to reach lvl 20 tonight. Maybe not . . .

I am interested in joining your guild for a long and enjoyable time with AoC. Please whisper me in-game if you think I might fit in your guild. When my wife starts to play, she would also be a willing member too.

I ask for you to whisper me, as I dont even know how to enter friends in my list yet. As I said, I have a lot to learn about this game . . . Smile
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PostSubject: full name in-game is Dragonspawn   Mon Jun 30, 2008 5:46 am

Hi it is Dragonspawn again regarding my application. I just reread the post, and noticed that the username was cut off, so wanted to repost my ingame name.
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PostSubject: Re: Here is the place to fill in your application!   

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Here is the place to fill in your application!
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